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Sunday, 18 February 2018
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Date: 2009-10-05 03:02:38
Art of the month, not for sale...

Art of the month.

Not for sale:  a portrait of Jeane painted with great care and love by the dutch artist Cornelius Le Mair. He lives his life as a 17th century artist. Widely know as one of the most famous artists in the Netherlands, Cornelius Le Mair and Nico Vrielink are friends for many years. Of course there was once an issue, while talking with eachother, to portrait Nico Vrielinks wife. He took the challange.


Soon the 10th book will be published around the work of Nico Vrielink (paintings and drawings) and another book around the work of Jeane (jewels and culptures). Keep in touch and find out. A worldwide campaign will start soon with interviews, magazines, tv, newspapers.  

Next year Jeane and Nico are 25 years together and he made 6000 paintings of her . World record ever!!!
portrait Jeane from Cees.jpg


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