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Sunday, 18 February 2018
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Date: 2010-02-01 00:56:42
Upcoming Exhibition, European Fine Art Centre

On 21 februari there will be a major , the biggest ever, with the works of Nico Vrielink and his wife Jeane. The exhibition will be held at the European Fine Art Centre in the town of Gulpen, nearby Maastricht in The Netherlands. In this huge gallery, which resembles the glass pyramid opposite of the Louvre in Paris, the artist will expose around 250 of his work, paintings and drawings and his wife will be there with almost 100 pieces, jewelry and her amazing sculptures in bronze , marble and other techniques . At the same time 2 new books will be presented of each of them. On Jeane's jewelry , where her newest pieces are being depicted and a new book on paintings and drawings of Nico Vrielink . This book shows a choice of work made in his Bali period; the last 5 years ( 192 pages) . Both books are being publisched by Van Spijk Uitgeverij in The Netherlands. For him it will be his tenth book and for Jeane her third one.
They both celebrate this year also that they are 25 years together , living a very rich life in several countries, where he made untill now around 6000 paintings of his wife...

Please visit  www.europeanfineartcentre.com   for complete information around the gallery and the exhibition around Nico Vrielink and Jeane Seah.

One week later there will be a smaller exhibition( with other work) in the apartment of Nico Vrielink in the town Turnhout in Belgium. Meet the artist in person and in his own house. The new books will be available here as well. Although the apartment is not small, it is advisable to reserve by e-mail.


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