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Sunday, 18 February 2018
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Date: 2010-03-16 06:51:23
Art of the month, "Just before the robbery"

" Just before a robbery" About 2 weeks ago, beginning march, an alarming message reached me about a robbery that took place at a gallery that I worked with in The Netherlands. The owner was tied up and beaten to pulp and 27 paintings were stolen from a friend of mine, the artist Cees Le Mair. Quite a shock because it doesn't happen very often. You read about famous paintings from Munch, Picasso, Matisse being robbed, but such a thing happening in a very small gallery in the middle of Holland is very rare. What are these people doing with it afterwards : sell it somewhere?

Seems very difficult to me. I had about 23 paintings there too, long time in stock, and I decided to have them picked up just 2 days before the robbery..... Faith or coincidence : I still have them and I'm very happy about it too. Hereby I present a few of them.

Feel free to contact me if you like to know some details about them.
16_3_2010_dsc_7794_2.jpg 16_3_2010_dsc_7751.jpg  16_3_2010_dsc_7790_2.jpg
16_3_2010_dsc_7795_2.jpg 16_3_2010_dsc_7799_2.jpg  16_3_2010_dsc_7797_2.jpg
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