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Monday, 22 January 2018
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Date: 2011-05-24 06:03:48
Newsletter Nico Vrielink

" Learning and turning"

 From the portraits of his sons and making combinations of them, half the younger , half the older, Nico Vrielink came to making oversized portraits , very often half in red and half in grey. This solution/ translation he took along in a new series of paintings where not the portrait has any importance anymore, but just forms and colors. There are still women, but it has nothing to do with reality anymore.

Dividing the canvas by colors and forms , rest-forms are more important in these series. Still the face would attract , still the eye is there, but now with an overflow of colors and contrast.

A new fresh direction, while still learning and searching , has been born.

 vrielink_02.jpg  vrielink_03.jpg vrielink_04.jpg
 DSC_0006.jpg    vrielink_06.jpg
 DSC_0008.jpg  vrielink_05.jpg  vrielink_07.jpg
 DSC_0003.jpg    DSC_0002.jpg


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