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Monday, 22 January 2018
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Date: 2011-07-17 02:59:31
Newsletter Nico Vrielink, Art from prison

Art From Prison.jpgPrisoners of Kerobokan

Art Auction at Warisan Restaurant

It’s almost 2 years ago that a jailed man from Kerobokan prison got the idea to do something about the miserable state of his inmates. He felt they lost heart and passion as he did himself. The incredible willpower of one of the Bali-nine called Myuran, condemned to death himself; has a huge heart for others and felt something had to be done. So he thought about education, he thought about caring for each other, he thought about art…

He started the long mission of convincing the director of the prison and the guards, that art and education does well for people within walls. After a slow start and little money from outside, he could show re-sound balance within his little group.

There was happiness again. Slowly other people from outside were involved and now it’s becoming a serious program that attracts directors of prisons all over Indonesia. Kerobokan prison might become a ‘model-prison’ in Indonesia.
Meanwhile there are programs for painting/ drawing, but also silver smiting and t-shirt making. Many people are involved… many people are happy as they can be in this environment.

But like always, these programs need funding for materials to continue these disciplines and there is always a lack of it!
A new idea found earth, create a new shop with what the prisoners make: A full circle - the creations go to shop, money (hopefully) will come due to sales so they can buy materials. This is a totally non-profit idea for the people of Kerobokan who need help from outside to survive mentally. Just to survive until they get out, on in some cases to survive until their sentence is executed.

Two artists are involved: NICO VRIELINK and THEOS; both teaching art in prison twice a week and on the 21st of July, engineering an auction of around 35 paintings made by prisoners. Both artists will paint “live” on canvasses to be auctioned on the same evening. There will be live music “DC and the Powerhouse” a booklet with all paintings will be printed and presented at “Warisan Restaurant”.
Please follow this link to see the project documentary http://baliwood-studio.com/KerobokanProject/

Readers are welcome to make an offer on enclosed paintings with min. offer of one million rupiahs.

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