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Monday, 22 January 2018
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Date: 2012-09-10 05:47:49
"Late summer holiday shopping…make an offer"

Make an offer on one or more of these paintings and drawings and it can be yours…..Highest bit will be valid. Third private exhibition for those who follow my newsletter. All offered works are in Bali now, so note that transport costs are to be paid by the buyer. We roll the paintings into a pvc tube, in order to keep transport costs low and at the same time very safe to send. If you would like more information on a work or require a higher resolution photo, please contact nicovrielink.art@gmail.com.
Surprise yourself with beautiful original work of art from an artist who had over 500 solo exhibitions worldwide.


newsletter 1.jpeg
newsletter 2.jpeg
"reclining nude", 65 by 100 cm , oil, acrylic and charcoal on paper.
"Morning hours" , Oval in form , 81 by 98 cm, oil on canvas. Due to the fact that the painting is of its stretcher , it looks a bit bumpy, but its in excellent order.
newsletter 6.jpeg
 newsletter 4.jpeg
"no title" , 40 by 70 cm, oil on canvas.
"no title", 40 by 80 cm, oil, charcoal on canvas.
newsletter 5.jpeg
newsletter 7.jpeg
"no title". 40 by 70 cm, oil on canvas.
"Travel here and there according to Tintin" , 50 by 100 cm , washed pencil drawing, chinese ink and pen on paper, maroufler on canvas.
newsletter 3.jpeg
newsletter 8.jpeg
"No title" , 60 by 60 cm, oil on canvas.
"Between Asia and Europe" , 65 by 100 cm , oil on canvas.
newsletter 10.jpeg
newsletter 9.jpeg
"South China" , Oil on canvas, 120 by 120 cm
"Daily catch" , 50 by 100 cm , charcoal, pen and ink on chinese rice paper, maroufler on canvas.
newsletter 11.jpeg
newsletter 12.jpeg
"Bull" charcoaland acrylic on Fabriano 350 grams paper. Paper size 70 by 100 cm.
"Bull" , charcoal on Fabriano 350 grams paper. paper size 70 by 100 cm


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