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Monday, 22 January 2018
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Date: 2013-06-30 06:34:33
"I do commissions of your loved ones"

Regular I'm asked to do commissions by people all over the world, sometimes I get photo's sent by email or they come to my place in Bali/ Indonesia, which I prefer of course to know people better, but there are plenty of possibilities . I make portraits of children, parents, grand parents, even in a rare case; their pet. I have made portraits of their loved ones who were already dead too...a far memory that I bring alive again.

A portrait doesn't have to be expensive at all and it surely will start within you budget . Charcoal drawings are like that, depending on size, but I had also commission for portraits, oil on canvas , till 2 by 3 meters. A few examples down here.....

Please contact me if you do have an interest . A present to yourself or to others which will stay for life.....


DSC_0001 5.jpeg
 DSC_0002 3.jpeg  DSC_0002.jpeg
 DSC_0019.jpeg  J1999x1978-36451.jpeg  J2503x2482-50112.jpeg


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