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Monday, 22 January 2018
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Date: 2014-03-18 12:49:18
6 paintings back from a cruise of 5 years

6 Paintings came finally back from a cruise which took several years in the waters of Indonesia , between Bali, Sulawesi and New-Guinea on a wooden ship of about 60 meters long, called the Dewi Nusantara . Its also about 5 years ago that I was on this 3-mast ship , sailing for 12 days from Manado ( North Sulawesi ) in the direction of The Philippines. A marvelous trip, bringing me to islands where no tourists were coming. Rumbling volcanoes , superb under water reefs and fantastic beaches everywhere . 
My paintings were hanging in the guest rooms , but after 5 years , I thought they've seen half the world and took them back and are now available for you. Please email me if you have an interest or if you need photo's with higher resolution. 
sitting nude.jpg  sitting woman.jpg 
 " Sitting nude with white cloth " . 100 by 150 cm .
Oil and Chinese block print on canvas.
 " Sitting woman in yellow cloth " . 120 by 120 cm .
Oil on canvas .
 initiation balinese priest.jpg  resting between temples.jpg
 " Initiation by a Balinese priest , surrounded by frogs and Ganesha  "
80 by 130 cm . Oil, acrylic and charcoal on canvas 
 " Resting between 2 Balinese temples " . 65 by 100 cm .
Oil on canvas .
 portrait of a woman.jpg  portrait of a woman with head cloth.jpg
 " Portrait of a woman " . 100 by 65 cm .
Oil and 24 carat gold on canvas .
 " portrait of a woman with white head cloth " .
120 by 120 cm . Oil on canvas .
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