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Monday, 22 January 2018
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Date: 2015-10-26 04:06:31
“Open door days again in Turnhout/Belgium”

Last summer, some months ago, I have openend my door for everybody. Although it was very busy, I realised that it was not the best chosen moment to do so: the beginning of summer holidays. Not that many people think about art, but focus on the foreign country they fly or drive to. Loads of people were at their destination already .

But in november I will be there again , arriving on the 29th of October till 25th of November. About a month. 

The first open weekend will be on the weekend of 7/8 November and the second one will be 21/22 november. In the weekend of 14/15 november I will be working on lithographs in the Dutch Lithograph Museum ( Nederlands Steendruk Museum) in Valkenswaard , Holland. I was invited to by the Museum to create 2 litho’s.

On those weekends I invite you to visit me , talk and look at my work . Of course there is no obligation to buy .
If its totally impossible to visit me in those weekends contact me and we think of another day: no problem at all.

If you are interested in a certain type of work, let me know, I might have it on Bali, where I live and can bring it along or I could make a similar kind of painting.

If you intend to drop in, please let me know and I provide you address and phone number. Its only half an hour from Antwerp(Belgium) and half an hour from Eindhoven ( Holland).
Please contact me at : nicovrielink.art@gmail.com



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