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Monday, 22 January 2018
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Date: 2016-02-17 17:27:37
Newsletter Nico Vrielink

Dear art lovers,

I will be back in my apartment in Turnhout/Belgium  from 1 March till 20 March . If you have an interest in one of my paintings , or commission me for a portrait, don’t hesitate to contact and visit me .
Email me at nicovrielink.art@gmail.com  or Facebook personal mail  and I will provide you my address . That is , if you don’t know it already.
You can come in principle any day you want , just inform me before which day would be good for you.

See you soon,


Nico Vrielink




image001.jpg   image002.jpg
Commission . Oil on Canvas . 60 by 90 cm Detail 
 image003.jpg  image004.jpg
 Sitting nude . Oil . 50 by 40 cm .  Chinese girl with umbrella . Oil on canvas . 100 by 80 cm.
 image005.jpg  image006.jpg
 Controversial matters (published in book) . Oil on canvas . 150 cm .  Woman taking her bath . Oil , Chinese wood block print on canvas. 100 by 150 cm .
 image007.jpg  image008.jpg
 Self portrait . Oil on Canvas . 200 by 200 cm .  Detail
 image009.jpg Painted stone with oil , set it 925 sterling silver ,
surrounded with Asian pearls , about 11 cm.


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