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Monday, 22 January 2018
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Date: 2017-10-05 02:16:21
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"Open door days at my apartment in Turnhout/Belgium"

For the second time this year I will be in my apartment in Belgium again . This time a bit longer : from 27 September till 27 November . Two months. 

I will bring along many new paintings which I've made the last 5 months . Some are to new : the paint is not dry yet and had to leave them in Bali , where I live and work . I work mostly with oil paint and it takes almost a month to dry well . 

But there is plenty to make a choice of .

Beside the new ones I also bring along older ones that you haven't seen yet and have never been on exhibition . Beautiful gems that have been hiding at my house on Bali . There are many more paintings to see then just on these photo's .

I will stay for about 2 months , so there is plenty of time to visit me , although the best paintings will go first of course . I'm quite flexible in time and dates. Think about yours and write to me at nicovrielink.art@gmail.com  when you want to visit me .

As always , there is wine and other drinks ( even coffee and tea....) .

No obligation to buy anyway . 

I also can arrange for you monthly payments if you prefer that , without extra fees . 

I don't put any sizes with these paintings : they have sizes from 40 by 50 cm  till 200 by 200 cm . If you have questions about any of them , please write to me and I will explain to you.

Note that photo's are always worse then the real stuff . See it with your own eyes is always better...you can see the paint strokes and smell the paint . Its a totally different experience then from a photo.

Hope to see you all soon....



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