Books and Publications Nico

"Nico Vrielink"

    Published by Van Spijk, Venlo , The Netherlands

    Written by Jeane Seah and Remi de Cnodder

    Full color , 120 pages , hard cover

    ISBN 90 62 16 43 58


"Nico Vrielink"

    Published by Van Spijk, Venlo, The Netherlands, 1993   

    Written by Jeane Seah , with travelstories to Vietnam and Indonesia

    Black and white and color, 176 pages, hard cover.

    ISBN 90 62 16 0573


"Nico Vrielink"

    Published by Kempen Group , Eindhoven , The Netherlands , 1996

    Written by Jeane Seah and Nico Vrielink

    Full color photo's of paintings and black and white travelphoto's of Indonesia and Myanmar (Burma)

    Hard cover, 364 pages


Also known as "Revelations"

ISBN 90 74271 89 8



"Nico Vrielink"

    Published by Antilope , Lier, Belgium , 1999

    Written by Jeane Seah

    Full color, 104 pages, hard cover

    ISBN 90 9013261 9


"De ondernemende kunstschilder N.V. " (The enterprising painter Ltd.)

    Published by Waanders, Zwolle , The Netherlands , 2005

    Written by Diederik Stevens

    Full color, 192 pages, hard cover

    ISBN 90 400 9098 x


"Nico Vrielink"

    Published by Gallery Guy Pieters , Knokke, Belgium

    Written by Sabine de Vos and Albert F. Haelemeersch

    Full color , 98 pages, soft cover

Titel: "Rediscovery of virtue" - Nico Vrielink
Publisher: Van Spijk Art Project , in Venlo- Netherlands
72 pages
Written by: Chris de Boer
Full color, soft cover.
ISBN 90 6216 730 6
 dsc_7372.jpg Titel: "Op de brug naar de tempel"
Publisher: Nico Vrielink
Fully silkscreened book, with 14 silkscreens, each signed and with poems of Marion Bloem
50 copies in white cover and 50 copies in red cover , each in a cassette with each 2 different full color (43 colors) loose silkscreens
Hard cover